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ANCOR Capitol Correspondence

Expect today's news and updates to change by tomorrow! ANCOR Capitol Correspondence is an electronic bulletin providing the latest information on what is happening on Capitol Hill as well as in and around the Federal Government on major legislative and regulatory issues concerning people with disabilities and the private providers who serve them. ANCOR's Government Relations staff provides at least one bulletin each week when Congress is in session.

White House Prepares Spending Cuts Package - April 23, 2018
Major Rideshare Companies Opposing Wheelchair Mandate - April 23, 2018
ANCOR Senate Champions Collins, Casey, and Murkowski Annual Conference Messages - April 16, 2018
Speaker Ryan is Retiring - What It Means for Medicaid - April 16, 2018
Trump Administration May Seek to Pull Back Budget Deal - April 16, 2018
ANCOR Joins over 400 Organizations Opposing HR 620 - April 16, 2018
ANCOR Joins Letter to Congress on DD Program Funding - April 16, 2018
Organizers Forum for Candidates with Disabilities - April 16, 2018
ANCOR Coalition Webinar on How Benefit Cuts Impact People with Disabilities - April 16, 2018
ANCOR Joins Letter to Lowe's on Product Safety - April 16, 2018
State Developmental Disabilities Directors Send CMS Letter on EVV - April 9, 2018
House GOP Leader McCarthy and White House Propose Taking Back FY18 Funds - April 9, 2018
House Considering Balanced Budget Act; Prospects Low in Senate – Impact on Medicaid if it Succeeds - April 9, 2018
Social Security Administration Receives Funding Boost to Lower Disability Claims Backlog - April 9, 2018
President Proclaimed April 2, 2018 World Autism Awareness Day - April 9, 2018
Updated CMS Report on Medicaid MLTSS - April 9, 2018
New National Core Indicators DSP Fact Sheet - April 9, 2018
HHS Officially Announces Adam Boehler as CMMI Head - April 9, 2018
FCC Announces April 13 Workshop to Identify Communication Needs During Disasters - April 9, 2018
nTIDE March Report Shows Milestone Job Growth for PWDs - April 9, 2018