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ANCOR Submits Medicaid Access Rule RFI Comments

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ANCOR Submits Medicaid Access Rule RFI Comments

January 4, 2016

On January 4, ANCOR submitted its final comments to the CMS Medicaid Access Rule Request for Information (RFI). This RFI focuses on how CMS can better ensure that state governments are accountable and transparent about how they provide access to services for beneficiaries under the Medicaid program. ANCOR staff, members, and outside consultnats (including Barb Edwards, former head of CMS' Disabled & Elderly Health Program Group and now with Health Management Associates), developed the final comments. ANCOR members were encouraged to also submit individual comments endorsing ANCOR's comments and/or providing additional comments. (For more background on the final rule and RFI, see WICs article, "ANCOR Analysis of Medicaid Access Rule Available," November 16, 2015.)

Prior to submission, ANCOR staff shared the comments with other national organizations to reflect in their own comments to CMS. 

The final comments submitted by ANCOR are available here