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Many New HIPAA Regulations Take Effect This September – Order Your ANCOR HIPAA Manual Today!

May 17, 2013

Are you ready for the amended HIPAA regulations? Many new regulations go into effect September 24, 2013. Make sure you are prepared by taking action now. HIPAA specialist and attorney John Gilliland has thoroughly updated the HIPAA Privacy & Security Compliance Resource Manual for ANCOR Private Providers. This valuable resource reflects the HITECH Act and the new HIPAA regulation amendments. It is based on Mr. Gilliland’s very popular previous HIPAA manuals and workshops. The manual leads the ANCOR Private Provider through development of its security, breach notification and privacy policies which reflect its own circumstances and organization.

The manual is in eight parts:

  1. An Introduction which explains the HIPAA Privacy, Breach Notification and Security Rules;

  2. Template Privacy & Security Policies which include breach notification policies;

  3. Template Notices of Privacy Practices;

  4. Template Privacy Forms;

  5. Template Security Forms;

  6. Template Security Procedure Forms;

  7. Template Business Associate Forms; and

  8. Copies of the HIPAA Regulations.

The templates contain Mr. Gilliland’s comments throughout to help ANCOR Private Providers understand the requirements and options available. The manual includes a Flash Drive with all of the template policies and forms in Word and WordPerfect without his comments so retyping is kept to a minimum.

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