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ANCOR Sponsorship Policy

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ANCOR Sponsorship Policy


A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial exchange whereby the sponsor receives value in return for cash or goods or services-in-kind provided to the Association. The relationship requires a formal written agreement or confirmation setting out the terms of the sponsorship, including any recognition to be provided to the sponsor, and must be signed by an authorized member of the sponsor and by the ANCOR CEO or designee.

Tax receipts are not issued to sponsors. Sponsorships are usually considered business expenses and not charitable donations. They are typically funded from corporate marketing budgets. Sponsorships must comply with the Association's policy on conflict of interest. The Association reserves the right to refuse or decline any offer of sponsorship at its absolute discretion or to negotiate with the sponsor concerning any aspect of a proposed sponsorship.

Sponsorships do not imply endorsement of products or services by the Association. A sponsorship does not automatically imply any exclusive arrangement with the Association. The ANCOR CEO in concert with the Resource & Development Director is responsible for determining whether a sponsorship will be solicited and/or accepted based on an assessment of the best interests of the Association and the wishes of its members. The ANCOR CEO may refuse any sponsorship deemed at variance with the Association's mission, goals, policies, and best interests.

It is important that any sponsorship arrangement involving ANCOR should:

  • Be unambiguous and clearly understood by all parties;
  • Avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest;
  • Avoid real or implied endorsement of a commercial product;
  • Avoid partnerships with inappropriate individuals and organizations;
  • Receive appropriate approval (see below); and
  • Be fully accountable to the ANCOR Board of Directors.

General Principles Governing Sponsorship

  • There must not be preferential treatment as a result of sponsorship, for example an expectation that a company will get favored treatment by ANCOR over a competitor.
  • Where appropriate, sponsorship should be arranged after publicly calling for expressions of interest to ensure there is no disadvantage to any individual or business.
  • Individual staff should not receive any substantial benefit from association with sponsors. Any commissions, substantial gifts or other financial benefits should be brought to the attention of a supervisor.
  • ANCOR must retain control over any sponsored program and sponsors should not have any input into operational matters relating to a project they have sponsored.

Who Can Be A Sponsor?

  • Sponsorship arrangements will only be with individuals or companies held in high regard.
  • Sponsorship should be encouraged with any industry or organization who have no real or perceived conflict of interest and support the way ANCOR staff perform their duties.
  • The sponsoring organization’s policies and procedures will be in concert with the corporate philosophy of ANCOR or unlikely to cause embarrassment to the association.

General Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to be both practical and accountable, without stifling the enthusiasm and initiative of staff in gaining support for projects. When staff have a project in mind they must discuss it with the chair of their committee.

In most cases, an informal approach could then be made to potential sponsors. However, before any formal agreement is reached, the above Sponsorship Policy must be adhered to. In the case of major sponsorship initiatives, the matter may be referred to the monthly Board of Directors meetings for discussion.

In order to ensure editorial integrity, ANCOR has established the following principles to guide the acceptance and display of sponsorship advertising in association with its content:

  • All sponsorship or advertising shall comply with the laws and regulations of the United States, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • ANCOR shall have sole discretion for determining sponsors and the display of sponsor advertising. All sponsored programs will be recognized as such.
  • Acceptance of sponsorship advertising shall in no way indicate ANCOR’s endorsement of the sponsor products and/or services.
  • ANCOR shall review all sponsorship and advertising claims to therapeutic benefit and reject any unsubstantiated claims. ANCOR will not knowingly advertise any forms of products or services that are harmful to health.
  • Sponsors shall not dictate the form or substance of any content appearing on a sponsored program for ANCOR.
  • ANCOR shall be directly responsible for communicating and ensuring compliance of its sponsorship advertising policy to all of its participants.

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