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ANCOR’s commitment to shaping policy, sharing solutions and strengthening community would be impossible without our deep bench of active leaders.

About ANCOR’s Leadership

ANCOR offers a variety of ways for members to get involved as leaders in the association, both through elected and non-elected positions. Opportunities to be elected into ANCOR’s leadership include service to the Board of Directors and the Board of Representatives. The Board of Directors is comprised of 12-18 individuals who are elected to represent the entire membership, whereas the Board of Representatives is comprised of 1-3 members from each state who are elected to represent the interests of their state’s providers.

Several non-elected positions also offer ANCOR members to become leaders in the association. Some of these positions are more formal, such as the appointment to state association executives (SAEs) to the SAE Forum, while others are more informal, such as volunteering to join a standing committee or an ad hoc task force.

At all levels of the association, ANCOR remains committed to ensuring diversity, as we believe diversity in all forms is essential to achieving our mission. Read our Statement on Diversity. In addition, ANCOR believes that a strength of its membership and, by extension, its leadership, is our collective commitment to providing the highest-quality supports and services possible. Learn more by reading our Quality Pledge.