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ANCOR Capitol Correspondence

Expect today's news and updates to change by tomorrow! ANCOR Capitol Correspondence is an electronic bulletin providing the latest information on what is happening on Capitol Hill as well as in and around the Federal Government on major legislative and regulatory issues concerning people with disabilities and the private providers who serve them. ANCOR's Government Relations staff provides at least one bulletin each week when Congress is in session.

President Biden’s Congressional Address Focuses on Jobs, Health Care - May 4, 2021
ANCOR Responds to Draft Legislation Proposing Mandatory HCBS - May 4, 2021
Legislation Designating DSPs as an Officially Recognized Profession Re-Introduced: Ask Your Senators to Sign On - May 4, 2021
Roundup: ANCOR’s Coalition Advocacy Seeking Federal Disability Funding - May 4, 2021
Political Winds Push Congressional Democrats Toward Reconciliation Rather than Negotiation - May 4, 2021
Senate Catches Up to House on Earmarks Plan - May 4, 2021
Big Picture: Congressional Musical Chairs Likely as Census Numbers Trigger Redistricting - May 4, 2021
Webinar: Paying Family Caregivers through Medicaid - May 4, 2021
EEOC Hosts Panel Examining Civil and Disability Rights Issues Emerging from Pandemic - May 4, 2021
Social Security Administration Pleads for More Funding - May 4, 2021
Big Picture: CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Do Not Need Masks Outdoors - May 4, 2021
ANCOR Joins Coalition Statement on National Minority Health Month - May 4, 2021
Resources: Free Webinars on Peer Supports and Housing Access - May 4, 2021
Big Picture: Investor Pressure Mounts on Nursing Homes to Improve Care and Worker Safety - May 4, 2021
CMS Administrator’s Confirmation Votes Face New Delay - April 26, 2021
CDC Responds to Congressional Letter on Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccine Access for People with Disabilities - April 26, 2021
Jobs and Infrastructure Package in Flux as Health Components at Risk, ANCOR Advocates for Health Provisions - April 26, 2021
House Education and Labor Committee Takes First Steps in Bipartisan Update to Federal Workforce Development Programs - April 26, 2021
Big Picture: The Broader Health Agenda in Congress - April 26, 2021
President Biden Implements Small Tax Credit for Employers Who Give Staff Time Off for COVID-19 Vaccinations - April 26, 2021