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ANCOR Capitol Correspondence

Expect today's news and updates to change by tomorrow! ANCOR Capitol Correspondence is an electronic bulletin providing the latest information on what is happening on Capitol Hill as well as in and around the Federal Government on major legislative and regulatory issues concerning people with disabilities and the private providers who serve them. ANCOR's Government Relations staff provides at least one bulletin each week when Congress is in session.

Briefing in Congress on Disability Issues in FCC on July 11 - July 8, 2019
CMS Seeking Alternatives to ICF/IID Life Safety Code Implementation Delay - July 8, 2019
CMS Administrator Urges Medicaid Program Integrity - July 8, 2019
Reminder: Make Sure Your State Applies for EVV Good Faith Delay - July 8, 2019
Size of DOL Staff Reviewing Contractors’ Anti-Discrimination Compliance Shrinks - July 8, 2019
HUD Announces $150 million in Housing Grants, Explanatory Webinar - July 8, 2019
CMS Issues Information Bulletin on Mental Health, Substance Abuse in Schools - July 8, 2019
House Chairman Pressures Education Secretary on Schooling for Detained Migrant Children with Disabilities - July 8, 2019
HHS Continues Reorganization of Senior Staff - July 8, 2019
The Bigger Medicaid Picture: Broader Content about Tech, Workforce Could Be of Interest for I/DD - July 8, 2019
Don’t Miss: Survey of People with Disabilities on Transition from State-Run Institutions to Community Settings - July 8, 2019
Contest to Win $500 for ABLE Account Holders - July 8, 2019
Preview for October: Theme Announced for National Disability Employment Awareness Month - July 1, 2019
U.S. Rep Challenges Administration on Pending Medicaid Block Grant Guidance - July 1, 2019
ANCOR Joins Coalition Letter of Support for Lifespan Respite - July 1, 2019
U.S. Senator Demands CMS Explains How It Fights Medicaid Waste - July 1, 2019
Tax Package Holding UBIT Repeal in For the Long Haul - July 1, 2019
Pandemic Assistance Legislation Becomes Law (Includes Zika, Disability Committee) - July 1, 2019
House Passes Spending Package Including Health, Labor; Sends to Senate - July 1, 2019
CMS Possibly Delaying Publication of NEMT Rule - July 1, 2019