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ANCOR Capitol Correspondence

Expect today's news and updates to change by tomorrow! ANCOR Capitol Correspondence is an electronic bulletin providing the latest information on what is happening on Capitol Hill as well as in and around the Federal Government on major legislative and regulatory issues concerning people with disabilities and the private providers who serve them. ANCOR's Government Relations staff provides at least one bulletin each week when Congress is in session.

HHS Issues Legal Guidance to Protect Access to Vaccines for People with Disabilities - April 20, 2021
Updates from DOL: Nomination for Head of Office of Disability Employment, New Guidance for Cybersecurity - April 20, 2021
Resources from ACL: Changes to the MFP Program, April 21 Webinar Reviewing Federal Broadband Programs and Resources - April 20, 2021
Resource: COVID-19 Understanding Liability Protections - April 20, 2021
This Week: REV UP Campaign Webinar on Protecting Disability Voting Rights - April 20, 2021
Five Steps to Consider Before Venturing into the Brave New World of Earmarks - April 20, 2021
Senate Schedules Hearing for CMS Administrator Nominee - April 12, 2021
Today: Ask Your Members of Congress to Join a Letter Urging CMS to Expand Pandemic Retainer Payments - April 12, 2021
ANCOR Participates in Two Legislative Discussions That Could Build Upon President’s Jobs Plan - April 12, 2021
Big Picture: Senate Majority Leader’s Reconciliation Gambit Generates Confusion - April 12, 2021
Roundup: ANCOR’s Outreach to the Biden Administration on Medicaid Funding, Medicaid Benefits and Disability Employment - April 12, 2021
Highlights from President Biden’s Budget Proposal - April 12, 2021
Department of Labor Issues Guidance on COBRA, Invites Dialogue on Equity in Disability Employment - April 12, 2021
CMS Updates Appendix Z Guidance - April 12, 2021
Resources: ACL and CMS Webinars on Vaccines, Strategic Partnerships, the Direct Service Workforce and Disability Community Needs During the Pandemic - April 12, 2021
ICYMI: ANCOR Annual Conference Sessions Announced - April 12, 2021
New Disability-Specific COVID-19 Vaccination Resources and Research - April 12, 2021
Study: Promoting the Community Integration of People with Dual Diagnosis - April 12, 2021
Big Picture: Statistics on Internet Access by Age, Disability Status and Race - April 12, 2021
President Biden Releases American Jobs Plan, Including Historic HCBS Investment - April 6, 2021