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Issue Briefs and Position Papers

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Issue Briefs and Position Papers

ANCOR is a trusted source of reliable information and policy recommendations. This page is your one stop reference point for issue statements, policy briefs, and white papers that ANCOR produces.


Medicaid Sustainability: Health Homes for People with IDD and Other Provider Managed Integrated Service Delivery Models,” April 26, 2013

Medicaid Sustainability: Leveraging Federal Incentives to Encourage States to Expand Cost-Effective Home and Community Based Services,” April 26, 2013


Addressing the Disability Services Workforce Crisis of the 21st Century,” March 28, 2017

Ensuring a Sustainable Work Force for People with Disabilities”, July 11, 2014

Managed Care

ANCOR Principles of Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS),” September 5, 2014

Funding and System Reform

"ANCOR's Funding Reform Checklist," 2011


Bringing Long-Term Supports and Services Into the 21st Century,” October 7, 2016

Shared Living

 “Memorandum: Sample Contract for Independent Contractor Relations with Providers Providing Home Support Services in the Provider’s Home” and “Sample Contract,” November 24, 2014