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What is the SOS Campaign?

ANCOR launched the Save Our Services (SOS) Campaign in response to federal regulations that increase the costs of providing stable and quality services, but do not address chronic underfunding of those services. Throughout 2016, the SOS campaign focused on the Department of Labor Overtime Exemption Rule. ANCOR advocated for legislation that would provide increased funding for disability service providers to help to comply with the increased costs of the Overtime Exemption rule and other federal regulations. Through a multi-pronged approach which included a media campaign, direct lobbying of legislators and regulatory agencies, and organizing constituent grassroots, ANCOR successfully facilitated the legislation's introduction in the House and acheived a limited exemption to the rule's enforcement targeted to HCBS providers. Though the work surrounding the DOL Overtime Exemption rule has wound down, the campaign continues to work to preserve Medicaid funding vital to serving individuals with disabilities. 

For more information on the DOL Overtime Exemption SOS Campaign, click here.

In 2017, the Trump administration and Congress have made repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act one of their top priorities. Though efforts to pass health care reform have not been successful to date, every proposal that has been advanced to date has included significant changes to the Medicaid program, including by drastically cutting funding and converting its structure to a per capita cap or block grant. ANCOR has focused its advocacy efforts most recently through the SOS campaign on opposing harmful changes to the Medicaid program.

For more information on the current work of the SOS Campaign, click here