ANCOR News - 08.08.18

ANCOR Government Relations: Summer? What Summer?!

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Following the lead of the U.S. Senate, which has opted out of its August recess this year, the ANCOR Government Relations team is hard at work in Washington this summer getting things done! With the Government Relations Committee leading the way, we have a lot of work to do on behalf of providers, and we’re excited to share with you what we’ve been focused on here in the dog days of summer.

Even with the exciting passage of the ANCOR-led EVV delay bill, we are just getting started with changes to the EVV implementation. We are actively reaching out to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and our congressional leads to notify and inform them of persistent issues in the implementation plan for this law. You can count on ANCOR to continue to lead on this front.

But there is much more being done than EVV. So what else are we spending time on? Let me name a few!

Just last week, the Senate introduced two ANCOR-supported bills – the Disability Employment Incentive Act (which focuses on integrated employment options) and the HEADS Up Act (which focuses on access and funding for dental care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities). We are gearing up for an active grassroots advocacy push in August, when members of the House are in their home districts. On our grassroots agenda? Driving forward other key legislation we’re leading on, including Money Follows the Person Reauthorization (the EMPOWER Act), the Able Age Adjustment Act, and more.

We are also working with our state associations to provide support at the state level where so much important policy work is being done. We just announced model legislation that can be used by states to develop more transparency in rate setting. Given today’s political environment and the need to focus on state-driven policies, we believe ANCOR owes it to our members to provide the best solutions out there, and the model legislation was designed with that vision in mind.

We have a very active Alternative Payment Model Group that is looking at new payment models improving and expanding upon the fee for service model and ways to think about quality and sustainment that we have never thought of before. In consultation with the former Director of CMCS, Vikki Wachino, and in collaboration with ANCOR members, we are confident that we will putting some of our best work forward. In line with this effort is our work on the business acumen grant in partnership with NASUAD, NASDDDS and other core disability organizations. ANCOR is proud to be part of the federal effort to ensure that providers have the tools they need to actively participate in integrated care systems.

Earlier this summer, ANCOR’s International Council sent a delegation of members to Inclusion International’s 2018 World Congress in the United Kingdom. The Council has also worked to develop a statement to begin addressing immigration policy and the DSP workforce crisis.  Finally, as we enter into the final weeks of summer, we are refining our strategies on several data and workforce priorities that the Government Relations Committee has formulated with the support of our external lobbyists.

There is always much to be done when it comes to ANCOR’s federal policy priorities, but ANCOR’s Government Relations team is thrilled to have the participation and expertise of our wonderful members to guide the way. If you want to stay informed about all things Government Relations, here are three things you can do to deepen your engagement:

  • Join us for our annual Policy Summit and Hill Day (formerly Leadership Summit), taking place October 2-3 in Washington, DC. Learn more and register today at
  • Be sure to join the Government Relations Committee on the ANCOR Connected Community (email [email protected] to join).

Check outour weekly policy newsletter, Capitol Correspondence, which is delivered to ANCOR members’ inboxes every Monday!

Esmé Grant Grewal is the Vice President of Government Relations at ANCOR. She can be reached at[email protected].