Capitol Correspondence - 03.30.21

Resource: ASAN Guide on Long-Term Supports and Services

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As announced by ASAN:

“Many people with disabilities rely on long-term supports and services (LTSS)—like job coaches, transportation help, and in-home helpers—to live independently. Managed care is one of the ways that states can run their LTSS programs. When it’s done right, managed LTSS can help people move out of institutions and get better support in the community. But when it’s done wrong, people who rely on these supports and services will be negatively affected. Many more states are starting to make plans to switch to managed LTSS programs—and we can help make sure those programs work for us!

Our newest toolkit, A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Managed Long-Term Support Services, is an easy-to-understand guide to what managed LTSS is and how you can make sure your state’s MLTSS program is designed with LTSS users in mind.

This toolkit will explain:

  • What managed care is
  • What managed long-term services and supports are
  • What are some good things about MLTSS
  • What are some things to look out for about MLTSS
  • How states can make MLTSS plans that work for us
  • How we can make sure that states make good managed care programs

Good MLTSS programs can be the gateway to independent living in our communities. This toolkit can help self-advocates understand what these programs are, how they’re made, and how we can make our voices heard.