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#ForgottenFaces: Act Now

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#ForgottenFaces: Act Now

Acknowledging those we've lost;

working to ensure further lives are spared


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen tremendous losses in our communities. From the loss of loved ones, essential supports and livelihoods, many are hurting. The field of disability supports is among the hardest hit. In response, ANCOR is leading the #ForgottenFaces campaign to tell lawmakers that they can no longer overlook people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the essential services on which they rely.

The Problem

While some Medicaid-funded disability service providers have received funding, PPE and other resources through their states, most have been barely hanging on. And, at the federal level, these providers have been passed over entirely, with each agreement reached on Capitol Hill and in the halls of our federal agencies neglecting to designate badly needed funding to Medicaid services.

People with I/DD are the pandemic's forgotten faces; their providers and direct support professionals the forgotten frontline. We cannot let these forgotten faces continue to go unrecognized.

Our Solution

To ensure these #ForgottenFaces no longer go overlooked, ANCOR is making deep investments in advocacy through its #ForgottenFaces campaign. The campaign aims to tell our federal lawmakers: enough is enough! We're investing in gressroots advocacy, federal lobbying, digital media advertising, earned media, the dissemination of data and more. But these efforts can only be successful if enough advocates commit to amplifying one clear message: the pandemic's #ForgottenFaces need resources, and they need them NOW!

Your Action

Lending your voice will create tremendous impact, even with only light effort. The list below, which is updated regularly, includes what you can do right now to support #ForgottenFaces:

  • Contact your members of Congress using our one-click advocacy tool to demand federal funding for Medicaid-funded disability supports.
  • Volunteer to write a letter to the editor or an op-ed for a news outlet in your state or local community to raise awareness about the need for action. 
  • Share your story about the importance of disability supports during the COVID-19 crisis on social media using hashtag #ForgottenFaces.

If you've got a few extra minutes to spare and have completed the actions above, we're grateful for your efforts on the following additional actions:

Our Vision

Thank you for your commitment to vulnerable communities struggling to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic - we couldn't do it without you. Together, our advocacy will ensure that people with I/DD not only have the support they need to outlast the pandemic, but that they have options and resources to remain part of the community long after the pandemic subsides.