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115th Congress Pending Legislation

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115th Congress Pending Legislation

This page contains legislation that has been introduced in the 115th Congressional session (2017 - 2018) that ANCOR is following.  

Medicaid/Health Care

American Health Care Act of 2017 (HR 1628) - ANCOR OPPOSES this bill

Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 - ANCOR OPPOSES this bill

Wage & Hour/Employment Law

Working Families Flexibility Act (S 801/HR 1180)

Transitioning to Integrated and Meaningful Employment Act of 2017 (HR 1377)

Income Support/Financial

ABLE 2.0 [ABLE Financial Planning Act (S 816/HR 1897), ABLE Age Adjustment Act (S 817/HR 1874), ABLE to Work Act (S 818/HR 1896)] - ANCOR SUPPORTS these bills

Social Security Disability Insurance and Unemployment Benefits Double Dip Elimination Act (HR 2031)

Social Security Disability Insurance Return to Work Act of 2017 (S 656/HR 1540)

Social Security 2100 Act (HR 1902)

Civil Rights

Disability Integration Act (S 910)

ADA Education and Reform Act (HR 620) - ANCOR OPPOSES this bill


RAISE Family Caregivers Act (S 1028) - ANCOR SUPPORTS this bill

Regulatory Accountability Act (S 951)

Lifespan Respite Reauthorization Act (S. 1188/H.R. 2535)