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2019 Conference Track: Technology

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2019 Conference Track: Technology


Breakout Sessions

Changing Lives and Achieving Independence Through Enabling Technology

Tuesday, May 7 | 10:30-11:30 am | Concurrent Session

Provider agencies for adults with I/DD are providing more support with fewer financial resources and a shortage of DSPs. Core Services of Northeast Tennessee realized an opportunity to create a more effective service model that was person-centered and promoted independence, when an opportunity arose to partner with the Tennessee Department of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities on an enabling technology project. Witnessing first-hand how technology can change lives, Core Services will share its journey of choosing candidates, identifying outcomes and selecting the right technology vendor. In addition to happy people, agency benefits have included reduced overtime costs and turnover rates, which has enabled cost savings to be reinvested into employee salaries and benefits.


  • Susan Arwood, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee
  • Nick Filarelli, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee


Technology-Leveraged Service Models that Redefine What’s Possible for Independent Living

Tuesday, May 7 | 1-2 pm | Concurrent Session

New technologies emerge daily that redefine what’s possible for improving lives and will soon change how services will be delivered--empowering people to affordably live better lives. This paradigm shift has been made possible by cutting-edge and rapidly advancing technologies, but requires ever-present technical help for providers to assess program and customer needs, revise or redesign services, create pivot plans, lead change management and manage ever-evolving innovations. As the presenters in this session will discuss, to meet the expectations of us all, new technologies must be carefully woven into the fabric of the next generation of services and be fully grounded in human relationships.


  • Michael Strouse, GoodLife Innovations, Inc.
  • Megan Todd, GoodLife Innovations, Inc.
  • Lauren Vohland, GoodLife Innovations, Inc.


Telemedicine: A Simple, Proven Technology You Aren't Using. Why Not?

Tuesday, May 7 | 3:45-4:45 pm | Concurrent Session

A seemingly complex series of issues has prevented the I/DD community from widely adopting telemedicine as a solution for individuals' health needs. Given resource constraints and individuals' unique medical needs, along with the opportunities presented by telemedicine, one has to wonder why this simple and readily available tool has been overlooked. Participants in this session can expect to be challenged about current ways of thinking about meeting consumer medical needs, informed about real-life uses and results of telemedicine, inspired by stories of lives and communities improved by telemedicine, and educated about current trends in health care IT.


  • Eric Dodd, TMP
  • Julie Hall-Barrow, Children’s Health