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Direct Care Workers on the Competitive Edge - Part II

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Direct Care Workers on the Competitive Edge - Part II

October 9, 2013 - 5:30pm to 6:45pm
Eastern Standard Time


Resources to support using the Independent Contractor Model.

Daryl Ann Roccaforte and Patrick LaVoie of Contractor Management Services (CMS) will discuss the solutions and software designed to assist companies in incorporating best business practices when evaluating the use of the Independent Contractor model. CMS is able to provide an infrastructure and solutions that assist companies in minimizing the risks affiliated with the use of Independent Contractors. CMS has on-line resources to streamline the on-boarding process, capture documents electronically, credentials, CEUs, processing of settlements, tax planning/ preparation, offering various discounted benefits and much more. CMS has continually evolved and has enhanced their services to help companies fully document the evidence they need to support the Independent Contractor model. In doing so, CMS helps to create a more professional Independent Contractor and streamline the providers process.


  1. Detailed information on available resources for companies looking to adopt the Independent Contractor model.

  2. Detailed understanding of the technical capabilities provided by the payer of record.

  3. How your company is protected from legal challenges against the Independent Contractor model.


  • Patrick La Voie, President, Contractor Management Services

  • Wendy Swager, CEO, Soreo and ANCOR Past-President

  • Jeff Coleman, COO, Soreo and President, Resource Strategies


  • Free for ANCOR members

  • $195 for non-members

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