April 21, 2022

FROM GOLD PARTNER THERAP SERVICES – The Intersection of Person-Centeredness and Data-Driven Decision Making

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3:00pm-4:00pm EST

The concepts of person-centeredness and data-driven decision making are at the core of quality service delivery for individuals receiving supports. Service organizations must have a structure and culture that facilitate support for the individualized needs and desires of the people they serve, while also collecting and utilizing this individualized data to inform their ongoing philosophy, mission, and overall operations. The two ideas must work in tandem to create positive change for individuals and guarantee a perpetual evolution of the agency to meet changing needs.

This session will focus on the intersection of these two ideas and the role it plays in building quality, sustaining focus, and perpetually adapting to meet changing needs and service paradigms. Further, examples of the marriage of these concepts and the impact on individuals and overall service delivery will be discussed.


  • Ishya Dotson, Assistant Director of Person Centered Practices, Therap Services
  • Heather Daily, Business Development Consultant, Therap Services
  • Jason Laws, Director of Quality & Data Initiatives, Therap Services