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Associate Membership

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Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to parents, staff and friends of agencies that are full members or associates of ANCOR, consultants, law firms, suppliers, licensing/monitoring entities related to but not providing supports and services to people with disabilities or to public agencies providing services to people with disabilities.

An Associate is entitled to all membership benefits listed above but excluding the right to vote and hold office in ANCOR.


2022 Dues

Consultant: Individuals who serve as consultants to the disabilities field.


Corporate: National/regional vendors, managed care organizations, suppliers, consulting, and law firms.


Emeritus: Individuals, 55 years of age and no longer actively engaged in the management of a provider agency or serving as an independent consultant in the disabilities field. Previous agency must have been an active member of ANCOR for at least 10 years.


International: Non governmental organizations who provide supports and services to person with disabilities or who advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities.


National Organizations: National nonprofit disability organizations; accrediting/monitoring entities; or public agencies and state or county boards that do not provide direct services in the disabilities field.


University / Education Organization


Download the 2022 Associate Membership Renewal Application here.