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Sensible public policy, and an engaged constituency to support it. ANCOR advocates for policies and regulations that empower providers to deliver better services to more people.

About This Priority

Advocating for sensible public policy to govern community services is in ANCOR’s DNA. Since 1970, we have worked to ensure that community-based disability service providers have the resources and regulatory environment they need to deliver quality services to people with a diverse range of support needs.

Time and time again, these efforts pay off. In recent years, ANCOR has been essential to ensuring the sensible implementation of the Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule, the preservation of the Medicaid program vis-à-vis the Affordable Care Act, the transition to compliance with the Home and Community Based Services Settings Rule, the allocation of billions of dollars in emergency relief funding during the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more. With so many significant victories, it’s no wonder our policy chops continue to be the number-one reason ANCOR members cite for establishing and renewing their membership.

Of course, we can’t do it alone. All of our significant policy victories in our rich history have come as the result of an engaged constituency, ready to lend their voice at every turn. Every year, we mobilize tens of thousands of advocates to speak up on behalf of community providers and the people they support.

The Latest

The Latest

Training & Events

logo for the 2024 ANCOR Policy Summit & Hill Day

2024 Policy Summit & Hill Day

ANCOR’s 2024 Policy Summit & Hill Day will bring together leading advocates from the national I/DD community to amplify awareness about what’s new, now and next for community disability services.