ANCOR Disability Champions PAC

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The ANCOR Disability Champions Political Action Committee (ANCOR DC PAC) enables ANCOR members to better to serve their communities by amplifying the work community providers are doing to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), elevating the issues affecting I/DD providers, and strengthening I/DD providers’ voices before policymakers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a political action committee?

A political action committee (PAC) is a fundraising committee. A PAC pools personal funds from individuals and then donates those funds to candidates chosen by the PAC. The funds are used to support the candidates’ primary, general, and special election campaigns.

PACs are a basic extension of an individual’s right to participate in the political process and support candidates who share objectives consistent with their own.

What is the purpose of ANCOR's PAC?

The PAC furthers ANCOR’s advocacy through recognizing and supporting established allies and emerging Congressional champions from both national parties. It also enables relationship-building with Members of Congress, increasing providers’ ability to “sit at the table” with key policymakers when important legislation arises.

Are there rules for participating in the PAC?

Under federal law, donations must be voluntary, and PACs cannot set a minimum donation sum for participation by its members – although there is a maximum of $5,000 per person, per calendar year. There is no penalty for not participating in the PAC.

Federal law also requires that participation be limited to U.S. citizens or green card holders who:

  • Are in an executive or administrative position within the organization; or
  • Are members of the association; and
  • If a corporate member, have filled out a solicitation agreement form; and
  • Agree to use their own personal funds and not their corporate funds.
How can I receive more information about the PAC and upcoming PAC events?

In order to receive more information about ANCOR’s PAC, you must ensure you are eligible to receive solicitations from the PAC. Special rules apply to corporate members of ANCOR. In order to receive solicitations or information about the PAC’s upcoming events, a representative from the corporate member of ANCOR must sign a prior approval form.

Complete the Prior Approval Form

Does completing the solicitation permission form obligate me to contribute funds?

No. Completing the form simply provides permission to ANCOR’s PAC to send you information about how to give to the ANCOR DC PAC, upcoming events, and future plans for the PAC. It does not obligate you to give any money to the PAC.

Have more questions about the PAC?

Contact Elise Aguilar, ANCOR’s Director of Federal Relations, via email.