ANCOR News - 04.03.17

Art for ANCOR

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Each year, ANCOR sends its members a little thank you for Membership Appreciation Week. This year, we reached out to our members to help us search for artwork to adorn the cover of our 2017 notebook. We received over 120 submissions from artists who have an intellectual or developmental disability! So many pieces were stunning – we wanted to share just some of our favorites here, along with a way to reach the artists and the organizations that helped them create their art. Thank you to everyone who shared their work with us!


Caregivers That Help Make Me Successful

Victoria Lynn Pegler, Dungarivin


Acrylic and Spraypaint Herringbone Pattern

Brittini Ebel, Northwest Limited

Window Paint, Wire, and a Toothpick

Charlie Bannister, Anne Carlsen Center


Francesca Brown, Riverbrook Residence

Man In Rainbow Jungle

Geraldine Davis, Salvation Army Creative heARTs Program

Jungle Animals

Isabel Vartanian, Tierra del Sol Foundation


Jonathan Pinnock, Sunrise Institute of Fine Arts

Fall Tree

Karissa Schauer, Anne Carlsen Center

Purple Owl

Kimberly Smith, Salvation Army Creative heARTs Program

Best Acrylic

Kyle Fortner, Opportunity Resource Inc.


Marcus Bartlett, Opportunity Resources Inc.

Living Water

Nick Maxant, ResCare (Huntington Agency)


Randy Brown, Carey Services

Self Portrait

Vicente Siso, Tierra del Sol Foundation

Things I Love

Betty Carter, Spindleworks (Independence Association)