ANCOR News - 06.05.18

CMS-Mandated EVV is Coming: Therap May Help You Meet These Requirements

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Therap Services, industry leader in providing electronic health records (EHRs) and documentation for intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) providers, offers a Scheduling/EVV tool that could assist organizations with EVV compliance. The move aligns with the 21st Century Cures Act, Section 12006 — Electronic Visit Verification System Required for Personal Care Services and Home Health Services Under Medicaid. The Act requires state use of EVV in personal care settings by January 2019; the deadline for home health services is January 2023. EVV technology allows providers to check in electronically through the phone, a mobile app, or another electronic device and record the exact date, time and location of a visit.

CMS has just issued its initial guidance to states on how to implement the new legislation. As states consider what EVV model they will implement, we encourage providers to explore options that may meet the needs of what the state decides for their compliance requirements.  

Therap’s Scheduling/EVV tool helps organizations comply with electronic visit verification requirements. The goal is to increase transparency and accountability among state agency service providers in line with the goals of the Cures Act and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) guidance for EVV compliance. Therap’s EVV tool also supports CMS goals to improve service delivery for individuals with I/DD and those who require long-term services and supports. This includes:

  • Eliminating paper through real-time electronic visit verification.
  • Validating service delivery.
  • Increasing billing accuracy.

Therap’s EVV tool employs platform and device flexibility for added ease of use. This includes easy check in/out and location tracking via Android and iOS mobile applications and web-based interface.

Therap’s flexibility allows for organizations to explore several different options when considering hardware that may comply with new state compliance measures that are now being determined. This flexibility allows for an organization not be restricted to one hardware solution or another. It also allows for the organization to make cost effective decisions that will be the most fiscally responsible. Therap’s non-device-specific platform provides continued flexibility as device hardware technology evolves. As a result, the Therap solution is applicable and available for deployment regardless of hardware upgrades and replacements.

Therap’s Scheduling/EVV verifies:

  • Type of service performed and tracks available service authorization units.
  • Individual receiving services and attaches authorized services specific to that individual.
  • Date of service by automatically date and time stamping every action performed.
  • Location of service delivery with built-in location tracking that captures where services are being provided.
  • Individual providing services by capturing electronic signatures of the person providing service.
  • Time the service begins and ends with check in/out feature that records service start and stop times.

Therap Scheduling/EVV tool adds additional layers of transparency and accountability:

  • Schedule-building with drag-and-drop calendar functionality for multiple staff, individual and program views.
  • Service authorization coordination that tracks available service authorization units.
  • Geo-locating and mapping.
  • Monthly, weekly or daily calendars for scheduler, staff and individuals.

Staff members will see their own schedules and know:

  • Where they should be working
  • With whom they should be working
  • What service they are providing

Self advocates and their families can view their schedules and know who will be working with them.

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact National Director of Business Development Jeff Case at [email protected] or 816.522.3683.