ANCOR News - 10.15.18

Focus on Workforce

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Since I originally joined ANCOR decades ago I have been provided the opportunity and honor of collaborating with so many wonderful colleagues across the country and most recently internationally. The process of continually amplifying our shared vision for the future has supported me through a number of transition periods.

In this issue of LINKS we focus on Workforce, which has been a major focus for ANCOR for years. We are proud of the progress that has been made and determined to achieve our goals at a time when the Workforce remains one of our most crucial issues.

In so many ways, we are in Unprecedented Times. Within our organization, just as in ANCOR, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) believes strongly in value based solutions. I believe that positive solutions are created when we generate positive energy. Our organization looks for overt ways to remind ourselves of this commitment so when creating a tag line for our teambuilding efforts we focused on the saying that Unprecedented Times Require Unprecedented Solutions. In our team forums we gave out t-shirts with this saying and it laid out with the capitals down the side ‘U.R.U.’. This became a focal point as we fought to ensure that the unique gifts and talents of those we support and the talented team members who support them were honored during a period of great transition. I wish we could claim foresight for that layout but the coincidence was indicative of so many created opportunities. It was born of good intention and the synergy that is created when harnessing the creativity of focused individuals passionate about their mission.

In many ways, we are drawing upon the spirit that created many organizations. However, we must also remember that reinvention is qualitatively different than creation. I am excited to be engaged in this dynamic process and because of the relationships that I have formed thru ANCOR I remain optimistic that the creative professionals who comprise our amazing Association will truly co-create a reinvention of community together! From the time I started in our field as a Recreation Counselor I felt that there are truly magic moments that are hard to describe to the general public. Our Public Awareness Campaign, Included.Supported.Empowered. does an amazing job of capturing that magic. Please visit this link and share the inspirational stories with your circle! I think that you will share my belief that by continuing to harness the collective gifts and talents of our members we will provide an even brighter future for those we are honored to support and the amazing valued team members who support them!

Robert Budd is CEO of Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE) and ANCOR’s Board President. He can be reached at [email protected].