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ANCOR News - 12.04.17

Introducing Crystal Wright, In Her Own Words!

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We continue our series by introducing you to another member of our Board of Representatives: Crystal Wright! Ms. Wright is the Assistant Executive Director of CHESCO Services in South Carolina

What first sparked your interest in disability services?

My grandparents used to own and operate a “home for the aged” when I was growing up, and they served the elderly as well as some folks that I realized as I got into this field years later that were intellectually disabled. I always enjoyed helping my grandmother take care of them, and spend time with them. Years later after my grandmother and my father died, my siblings and I operated the facility and cared for the aged, and a set of blind twins that were intellectually disabled. They lived in our facility for over 20 years and were a big part of our family.

How did you initially become involved with ANCOR?

My boss initially served on the Board of Reps with ANCOR and got me interested and now I do!

What are some fun things happening in your state?

We are becoming more “electronically involved” within our agencies with documentation, and consumer records, which has helped to improve communication with our staff and throughout the agency. Earlier this year our Legislature agreed to increase the wages for our DSP staff which they are so deserving of. We are recognizing the need more and more for strong self-advocates in our state to be a voice for themselves.

In our field, what are some things you’re looking forward to in the new year?

Continuing to expand our involvement with Therap and how it improves efficiency with documentation and communication within our agency. Consumers can now participate in the ABLE account where they can save money without fear of losing their Medicaid! Finding out more information about the Final Rule and how it’s going to affect how we serve our consumers.

Thank you so much for your time and have a great holiday season!

Thank you, same to you!