ANCOR News - 02.08.18

Introducing Marsha Colegrove, In Her Own Words!

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Marsha Colegrove, Regional Director, Danville Services, UtahWe continue our series by introducing you to another member of our Board of Representatives: Marsha Colegrove! Ms. Colegrove is the Regional Director at Danville Services in Utah. Here’s part of our conversation:

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me! Could you tell me a little bit about your journey into the IDD field?

Sure! I started many years ago at our state developmental center. I began volunteering in the summer volunteering program while I was at school. I did that for a summer and came back to it because it touched me in some ways. I spent the following six years working in our Developmental Center in our Speech and Hearing Department and specialized at that time in augmentative and alternative speech and communication for people with severe disabilities. I really, really enjoyed it.

In 1993 I was approached and recruited by the current provider I work for who interested me in community services, so I left the world that I was in and began working in a group home. I was able to assist and help out with the folks who were leaving our Developmental Center and entering community life for the first time. It was quite a transition and time of adventure and discovery for both myself as well as the people I was supporting. Watching them thrive and develop and do things they had not been able to do prior to that.

I have been with Danville Services now 25 years this coming May!

How did you come in contact with ANCOR?

Danville has always been a big proponent of ANCOR, and has been a member for many years. SO through them I had the opportunity to attend a meeting and start to become involved. I loved the camaraderie and opportunities ot network with others across the country, and it also helped to discover that many of our struggles were very similar, and it was so fascinating to tap into how each state or area was addressing the challenges we all face. I really enjoyed it, and when the opportunity to run for the Board of Representatives presented itself I did so!

Also, I have to say, one of the benefits that I appreciate the most about ANCOR has been the Weekly Membership Call. They’re brief but succinct and extremely informative and have been so powerful and such a draw for me. I’ve promoted the importance of them to other members of my state association who are members of ANCOR as well. They’re fantastic!

That’s great and thank you, it was so important for us to find a way to provide necessary info from our GR team so we’re glad to hear we’re on the right track! Let’s switch gears a bit and talk about Utah, how long have you been in the state?

I was born and raised here, so always! 

Awesome! I’ve never been, but I hear it’s beautiful…

Oh Utah is extremely beautiful and diverse. You can ski on one day and drive a few hours and be in the desert mountain biking or golfing! For beauty and recreational purposes it’s one of the best places to be, and the landscape is breathtaking! If you haven’t been you should definitely consider a trip!

Marsha, thank you so much for your time and perhaps sooner rather than later I’ll make it out to Utah!

I hope so too, thanks for speaking with me!