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ANCOR News - 07.16.19

Learning to Love Technology

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A few years ago, I made it a personal goal to become more comfortable with technology. I was painfully aware that I was not utilizing what was available either professionally, organizationally or personally. In thinking about how to approach this goal I thought of trusted sources of information.

My first efforts were to attend the ANCOR conferences, webinars and to speak with colleagues on the ANCOR Board who I knew had an expertise in this area. Wow! Were my eyes opened!

My timing was fortunate, The Bill of Rights Campaign designed to ensure that ALL of our valued citizens have access to technology and that reimbursement for same was built into rate methodologies was just being launched. This exciting initiative created a good deal of advocacy enthusiasm. My enthusiasm was tempered a bit when attending sessions on cyber security and the many issues to be aware of. But, that is part of understanding the complexities of this arena and the benefits to technology were far greater than I realized.

In concert with one of the conferences I was able to visit some ‘Smart Homes”. I was fortunate to  experience demonstrations on Telehealth, remote monitoring, Adaptive Technology and use of everyday tablets and smart phones as supportive devices. I saw demonstrations of glass that was stronger and more flexible than plastics. There were amazing demonstrations and videos of new products containing sensors for cooking safety, eyeglasses with GPS and built in phone and mattresses with sensors for key body functions to empower individuals to live as independently as possible to offer a few examples.

There were times I felt like I was living an episode of ‘The Jetsons’ or ‘Star Trek’ and knew it was time to give up my ‘smoke signals’ thought process. As if a message from the Universe to reinforce my efforts I won a raffle at one of the conferences and was the happy recipient of a Tablet. Equally reinforcing was the tutoring that allowed me to set it up!

I am far from proficient but I can say that with the supports and contacts afforded me in the ANCOR Network I have joined the current age! Once again my trusted source for information and contacts opened a new path of opportunity; in this case not just for those we are honored to support every day but for me personally as well!

Robert Budd is CEO of Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE) and President of the ANCOR Board of Directors.