ANCOR News - 01.15.19

In Memoriam

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In MemoriumTom Schrmaski

Tom Schramski, Ph.D., Founder, President & Managing Partner of Vertress, a mergers and acquisitions advisory and consulting firm in the health care and human services markets, passed away peacefully on December 30 at his home in Tucson, AZ, after a prolonged battle with cancer. Tom had just returned home a week prior from a family trip to Europe.

Many of us at ANCOR knew Tom well. Prior to his work with Vertress, he was a provider and psychologist for many years in Tucson, and he worked tirelessly throughout his career on behalf of people with developmental disabilities.   

Tom was a sought-after consultant nationally, and was a mainstay at many ANCOR conferences, typically either as a speaker or an exhibitor. The ANCOR family sends love, comfort and condolences to Dr. Schramski’s family.

A funeral service was held in Tucson on Saturday, January 5. Another memorial service will be held at a later date in Mankato, MN, Tom’s chidlhood home.

Read Tom’s obituary here.