ANCOR News - 10.10.17

Security at the Top of Your List

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With the recent data breach at Equifax, and the probability that so many of us were among the 100 million people personally impacted, we thought this would be an opportune moment to suggest that your agency move data security up the list of organizational priorities. As many of you know, Foothold has been working with a company called GreyCastle, which is attuned to the needs of nonprofit Behavioral Health organizations. You can find out more about them here:

You can also run your own Risk Assessment or hire a different firm to do it. The important thing is to be taking action on this challenge.

If you are interested in seeing one of GreyCastle’s presentations click here and to learn more about Foothold Technology click here.

“Foothold Technology’s 98% compliance score across all 18 control groups prescribed by HIPAA and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, is among the highest we’ve ever seen. I can say without reservation that Protected Health Information (PHI) is as safe or safer with Foothold Technology than it is any other vendor in the Behavioral Health market.”

–GreyCastle Security