ANCOR News - 10.10.17

Sprint’s New Service Solves BYOD Issues

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Companies and Organizations, including Healthcare organizations found themselves in hot water after offering employees the ability to bring their own device for corporate use (BYOD initiative). But the companies and organizations must be able to monitor or record calls or texts whenever it is needed.

Sprint’s new MultiLine solution solves that dilemma. Sprint can quickly and easily add a business line with a new number on a personal device, regardless of cellular carrier. The personal line can still be used but any calls or texts made on the business number can be recorded and stored. This quickly solved what could have been a major headache.

MultiLine solves a big problem for sales organizations as well. When salespeople give out their personal cell phone numbers, customers will continue to call that number even if the salesperson has moved on to a competitor. Sprint’s MultiLine prevents this by adding a company number to the salesperson’s phone. If the salesperson leaves, the number stays with the company. One real estate company found another benefit in helping train new salespeople by having seasoned brokers listen and critique recorded calls with customers.

Some companies offer a stipend when employees go BYOD. A fixed stipend can end up overpaying some who don’t use the phone a lot, and not enough for intensive users. Plus, there can be tax implications. Sprint’s MultiLine offers a portal where administrators can see usage by user making stipends a true reimbursement – not income. The portal offers many other benefits for managing users, including extensive data analysis.

Demand for BYOD is expected to continue to grow. “It’s critical that employers have options that allow individuals the flexibility of using their own device for personal and work use while reducing capital and operating expenses and ensuring compliance,” said Denise Lund, research director, Enterprise Mobility, IDC.

Lastly, employees can use the type of phone and any carrier that they know and love!

If you are interested in learning more about MultiLine, please contact Alissa Gedman – Client Director at Sprint at [email protected].