ANCOR News - 06.05.18

Tapping Into the Expertise & Experience of Retired Professionals for Greater Social Impact!

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As a leader who has served in the field of developmental disabilities for over 20 years, I can attest that this industry includes many compelling challenges and endless rewards. Professionals who seek to enhance the quality of life for people of disabilities must wear a variety of hats and often have limited resources to meet the goals at hand.

ReServe provides a practical solution to the complex issues faced by health and human service organizations. ReServe has a unique dual mission to enhance the lives of older adults and to strengthen communities. They do this by matching accomplished professionals, age 50+ (“ReServists”), with rewarding opportunities at both public and private institutions. This allows ReServe to fill critical gaps with mature, skilled and experienced workers at affordable rates, while engaging older adults in purposeful activities that bring meaning to their lives and value to their communities.

ReServe is seeking to partner with ANCOR membership throughout the country. ReServists can serve in a variety of roles offering their expertise and experience to staff, participants and family members. This may include direct service roles directly assisting individuals or program participants with skills training or transition planning. ReServists can also provide indirect support by serving as interim directors, family advocates or project consultants. Below is a testimonial from one of our Community Partners in South Florida on their experience with ReServe:

“Having the ReServe program, ‘Connect for Success!’  in our schools provides a perfect opportunity for bridging the proverbial generational gap and aligning the rich resources and wisdom of the retired professional to “adopt” students and nurture their learning and engagement from a non-judgmental stance. Our students eagerly look forward to meeting with their ReServist during their assigned times each week. Proudly, we are seeing an increase in school engagement that is leading to improved attendance for our students.”

—Laurel E. Thompson, Ph.D., Director, Student Services, Broward County Public Schools

Other potential roles for ReServists include but, are not limited to:

  • Grant or Business Development Writing
  • Leadership or Administrative Office Support
  • Trainers: Navigating the social service, health care or special education systems, legal advocacy, informed decision making or financial planning.
  • Event Planners: Fundraising, graduations, field trips, recognition ceremonies, etc.
  • Special Needs Coaches: Provide practical supports to those with disabilities, as well as their families, to empower greater independence and quality of life. Some examples of this are:
    • Informed Decision Making/Advocacy
    • Job Coaching/Work Readiness Training
    • Community Habilitation and Integration
    • College Readiness; Financial Aid Planning and Application Assistance
  • Intergenerational Parent Mentors: Providing parent workshops; offer individualized supports for parents navigating educational, social or health care services as well as addressing legal issues, entitlements, housing systems and much more.

ReServe’s funding is provided by the community partner, private foundations or public grants. The rate includes a modest stipend for the ReServist and basic administrative fees. ReServists are paid by a third-party vendor who serves as the employer of record so, community partners incur no internal employee expenses. Total cost varies by region; typically ranging from $17 to $20/hour. There are no up-front or ancillary expenses.

To schedule a webinar, conference call or gather additional information simply email me at [email protected] or call 516-419-2931 or 212-727-4341. Please also feel free to visit ReServe’s website at