ANCOR News - 12.04.17

Therap Provides Person-Centered Solutions for LTSS Industry

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Therap Services, LLC, a national leader for those providing services in the long term service and support (LTSS) industry, offers a web-based application suite that includes comprehensive solutions for planning, documentation, reporting, communication and billing. These person-centered solutions support the documentation and reporting needs of organizations providing services and supports in the LTSS environment.  This is a tool that every provider in the long term service and supports industry needs to consider strongly.

Person-centered and inherently inclusive

Therap was founded on the concept of a paperless system that could save agencies time, money and resources while improving communication, accountability and risk management — the ultimate goal is to leverage EHRs to provide persons who require long term services and support with the best possible support.

Therap’s LTSS software includes a person-centered user interface with an individual homepage. Therap’s more than 70 modules are designed for self-advocates, their family members and caregivers, providers, case managers, and support professionals. Using role-based permission, users access only what their respective authorization allows.

The individual homepage also allows quick access to a person’s health information, including demographics, contact information, active medications, allergies, diagnosis, guidelines, order details, appointment reminders, alerts for pending immunizations and other details for scheduled health engagements.

Effective and accountable documentation solutions that offer coordinated transparency

From health tracking documentation and reports to medical administration records (MARs), incident report management and individual service plans (ISPs), Therap’s system seamlessly integrates from end to end. This means that every module collaborates nicely with the other, providing the individual with a complete record. This fluid process includes date and time stamps for all documented variables and an array of reports that can be generated aggregately or singularly to very individualized data.

Therap’s mobile applications for Android and IOS help LTSS providers maximize accountability. For instance, the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module includes:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Electronic signatures
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant photo uploads
  • Date and time stamps
  • Voice to text note taking

Therap’s mobile apps are a part of a larger system that forms a comprehensive EHR data collection that feeds directly into the billing system and lets users know exactly how they are doing with unit utilization for billing.

Robust security system with high performance standards

In addition to all of the functional modules of the Therap system is the robust security system that provides a secure environment which is of utmost importance to Therap. The Therap system achieves high-performance standards including: high availability using standard tools, multiple layers of data security, 24×7 system monitoring, data integrity, and concurrent usage by thousands of users with no lag time. Our applications adhere to data privacy and protection principles defined by industry-specific methodologies such as HIPAA/HITECH and compliance. Data protection and stability are integral to the foundation upon which the application is built. This is demonstrated at the application level by a sophisticated role-based access framework and at the infrastructure level by a data-focused security and performance model.

For more information, contact Business Development Consultant Michelle Saunders, at 312.720.0305, [email protected] or National Director of Business Development Jeff Case at 816.522.3683, [email protected].