ANCOR News - 10.09.17

An Update on the Activities of the ANCOR Board of Directors

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It hasn’t been that long since the last Across the Board column. Yet in that time ANCOR’s Board of Directors met in person in conjunction with the Leadership Summit, hosted the inaugural fundraiser for ANCOR’s Political Action Committee (which raised $12,500) and continued to guide your association as we faced the latest threat to Medicaid as an entitlement program via the Graham-Cassidy proposal, which thankfully failed to gain the votes needed to move forward in the Senate.

Minutes from the September meeting are available here.

Many thanks to ANCOR members who participated in our 2017 elections. October 1, 2017 marks the beginning of the second terms for Diane Beastrom, Stan Soby, and Sarah Magazine on ANCOR’s Board of Directors. We also welcome Donna Martin, Executive Director of the Community Provider Network of Rhode Island to the Board as the liaison for the State Association Executives. Donna fills the seat held by Mark Davis, President of OPRA, whose term on the Board has expired. New and re-elected members of the Leadership Development Committee, who guides ANCOR’s elections include: Heidi Mansir, Executive Director, Uplift Inc.; Julie Manworren, CEO, Living Well Disability Services; Stan Soby, Vice President, Public Policy and External Affairs, Oak Hill; and Greg Wellems, COO and Director of Business Development, Imagine!.

The ANCOR Foundation Public Awareness Campaign continues to develop under the guidance of Mariana Nork, a professional fundraiser with the firm of Nork Apex, and Solomon McCown, a public relations firm. A campaign committee is forming led by Chris Stevenson and Robert Budd. Members of the Foundation Board and ANCOR Board are convening later this month to put the finishing touches on the campaign theme, hashtag and more. And members have already started to share images, videos and stories to help convey how community living has and continues to transform people’s lives every day, and the critical role played by community providers.

The next in-person meeting of the board will be held February 6-7 in Miami, Florida. As always, members are welcome to attend to observe!