ANCOR News - 08.11.17

What Members Are Saying…

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The Shared Resources Purchasing Network (SRPN), administered by the ANCOR Services Corporation, partners with national companies to provide significant savings to ANCOR Members and supports ANCOR programs. Members who use the SRPN enjoy savings and leading purchasing practices, and can rededicate their savings to needed programs. The SRPN discounts with selected vendors also apply to Members’ employees, persons served by the organization and their families.

“When it comes to EPI’s needs, from staff to direct services, we look to theSRPN with its vendor partners for dependable products and services. We seem to always find the products and support we need.”
-Chris Sparks, Exceptional Persons, Inc., IA
For more information, including a list of SRPN vendor partners, visit ANCOR Services Corporation or contact Marsha Patrick at [email protected].