Capitol Correspondence - 09.17.18

3 Disability Reports of Interest

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We have highlighted three presentations / reports of interest to its members, which were originally mentioned by the American Association on Health and Disability in its most recent newsletter.

ANCOR members who support individuals with Representative Payees might be interested in this webinar by CQL which offers a blueprint for the Rep Payee process.

ANCOR members seeking data pertaining to working-age adults with disabilities might be interested in a report by the Long-Term Quality Alliance, which completed a research project to identify specific data gaps concerning the extent and diversity of LTSS needs and usage of adults under age 65, and to make recommendations for filling these gaps.

ANCOR members who offer diverse social services might be interested in a report by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, which found that a significant amount of people with developmental disabilities “enrolled in programs that are designed to provide housing and supports for people who experience chronic homelessness.”