Capitol Correspondence - 05.04.21

Resources: Free Webinars on Peer Supports and Housing Access

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To assist our members in their efforts to support people with disabilities in all facets of their lives, we share the following two free resources:

A webinar recording by Think Better Do Good on investing in the peer support workforce. While focused on mental health issues, there are parallels with the need for more peer support in disability services so this webinar and its companion report could inform our members’ advocacy on this issue.

A free course by Advancing States IQ titled “Affordable Housing for Older Adults and People with Disabilities.” Members can access the course either in the “featured courses” bar at the top of the page or by scrolling down the page. Note that you will need to create an account to access the course. The course description reads: “This training is designed to give an overview of the types of affordable housing that are available to older adults and people with disabilities, and was developed in association with LeadingAge, an organization that focuses on applied research, advocacy, education, and community-building to advance housing and services for people as they age. This course will assist participants to understand differences between housing and other human services programs; understand who administers affordable housing locally and how to connect to them; and understand the basics on evictions, and eviction prevention resources.”