Capitol Correspondence - 05.11.21

Update on House Federal Budget Process – Markups Coming Soon

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The House continues its speedy progress on its budget for fiscal year 2022, a process which ANCOR is monitoring because of its implications for the Medicaid program, as well as for the earmarks it will include. Earmarks, formally known as Community Funding Projects, are grants requested by members of Congress to help organizations in their districts advance their missions. As reported by Politico Pro:

“House Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro said Thursday that she expects government funding bills to go through subcommittee and full committee markups next month, followed by floor passage of the fiscal 2022 measures in July. [ANCOR note: In contrast, the Senate is barely beginning its budget process.]

Earmarks included in the bills will be unveiled ahead of each markup, she said during a webinar with The Brookings Institution, acknowledging that earmark requests will face intense scrutiny after a history of abuse and ethical issues.

Reviewing earmark requests: The Connecticut Democrat described the extensive training for lawmakers and staff that went into the revamped earmarks process. ‘They are being carefully vetted,” she said of more than 300 requests her committee has received, adding that “decisions will be made based on the substance and the merit of the program.’”