Capitol Correspondence - 06.25.18

ACL Seeks Information on CBOs Partnering with Health Care Sector

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The Administration for Community Living’s (ACL) Aging and Disability Business Institute is sending a second Request for Information survey on partnerships between community-based organizations (CBOs) and the health care sector. For members curious about the survey, the findings of a similar survey the Institute held last year were published in partnership with Health Affairs.

As written in the ACL’s announcement:

“CBOs are taking advantage of opportunities to engage in new business arrangements with health care entities, working together to address social and behavioral needs in addition to medical care. The Business Institute is asking CBOs to participate in this survey to help them better understand the current CBO-health care contracting practices and national trends, and to inform the scope of their training and technical assistance.  

The survey closes on Monday, July 2.”

Please note that while related to the topic of business acumen, this is separate from the ACL-funded business acumen effort in which ANCOR is participating.