Capitol Correspondence - 04.08.19

Advocates Speak Out Against Electric Shock Devices

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ANCOR is sharing this announcement by the Autistic Self-Advocates Network (ASAN) because we have long opposed the use of electric shock devices (ESDs) on people with intellectual / developmental disabilities (I/DD). ANCOR is part of a coalition on this issue and has been urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which oversees electric shock devices, to finalize its rule banning the devices.

As shared by ASAN:

“Autism Acceptance Month is now underway. Acceptance is not passive—it is an action, and that includes taking action when members of our community are in danger. Last April, we began a campaign to #StopTheShock at the Judge Rotenberg Center, where autistic people and those with other disabilities are currently being tortured using electric shock devices. The FDA has announced plans to ban these devices, but they have not released the ban yet. We need YOU to tell them that #WeAreStillWaiting and demand that they act NOW to #StopTheShock.

Here’s how we’re telling the FDA that we’re watching out for our community members:

April 24th will mark five years since the first FDA hearing on electric shock devices. In those five years, our community members have faced torture at the Judge Rotenberg Center. We are closer than ever to seeing these dangerous devices banned for good, but #WeAreStillWaiting – and so are they. Join us to #StopTheShock now!