Capitol Correspondence - 02.02.21

ANCOR Joins Coalition Statement Expressing Concerns about Paper Ballot Mandate

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As part of its efforts to guarantee the rights of people with disabilities to vote, ANCOR joined 19 other organizations in a statement expressing concern about rising interest in mandating paper ballots in elections. As shared in the statement:

“Despite overall reduced paper consumption in many areas of daily life, as a result of technological advancement, paper-based ballot voting options have become the preferred voting system to many who believe mandating the use of paper ballots is necessary to ensure the security of our elections. However, it must be made abundantly clear, that the ability to privately and independently hand mark, verify, and cast a paper ballot is simply not, and will never be, an option for all voters.

Given that paper ballots are already the predominant method of casting a ballot in America today, mandating paper ballots is frankly unnecessary. Additionally, any mandate of a paper-based voting system will inevitably harm voters with disabilities. A paper ballot mandate would: 1.) end all voting system innovation and advancement to produce a fully accessible voting system that provides enhanced security without relying on inaccessible paper; 2.) limit voters with disabilities’ federal right to privately and independently verify and cast their ballots and; 3.) ultimately segregate voters with disabilities.”