Capitol Correspondence - 10.23.17

ANCOR Responds to COA’s Draft Adult Foster Care Standards

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The Council for Accreditation sought field comments from stakeholders on a draft of standards it is in the process of developing to accredit Adult Foster Care programs. The deadline for comments was on Friday, October 20, 2017. Public agencies traditionally use field comments to help refine draft proposals before finalizing them.

ANCOR responded to the request after a discussion with members with significant experience on the issue, specifically issuing recommendations on the following topics:

  • Defining Adult Foster Care;
  • Qualifying and matching of persons served with caregivers;
  • Qualifying environments;
  • Service plans and person-centered planning;
  • Budgetary standards;
  • Community life standards;
  • Insurance;
  • Legal guardian language; and finally
  • Quality assessments.

ANCOR’s full comments can be accessed here. ANCOR would like to thank Mosaic, the MENTOR Network, and Keystone Services for their collaboration with ANCOR staff in the preparation of this document.