Capitol Correspondence - 10.01.18

ASAE Holds DC Learning Event on Adjusting Government Relations Strategy to Midterms

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ANCOR members in the greater DC area might be interested in this $199, 2-hour symposium organized by ASAE on learning to adapt one’s government relations strategy after the midterms.

As shared by ASAE, the event will be held two days after the elections:

“Changes in state and local administrations ushered in by the 2018 midterm elections could have a significant impact on your government relations strategy. This discussion will review the new political players, paradigm, and prospects just two days after the elections. Topics include congressional, state legislative, and state gubernatorial leadership shifts; national and state priority issues; and realities driving policy activity and decisions.

Identify key election outcomes and refine your strategy by:

  • understanding the composition of new elected officials and their initiatives.
  • forecasting emerging issues that may affect your association.
  • aligning your government relations tactics with evolving political realities.

This program is a part of the Government Relations Symposium Series. Each session in the series will feature notable speakers from associations and the public sector who will explore current issues and provide strategies for optimizing your government relations initiatives.”