Capitol Correspondence - 01.28.20

Beat the Deadline: Comment on Proposed Rule to Change Provider Taxes Before Feb 1

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As a courtesy to our members, we are reprising yesterday’s action alert on this topic here:

Please take five minutes to express concerns about a proposed rule seeking to tighten funding requirements for provider taxes, which would affect the overall size of the Medicaid funding pool.

The Ask:

Before the February 1 deadline, use our tool to send pre-written comments directly to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on its proposed Medicaid Fiscal Accountablility Regulation (MFAR). You will have the opportunity to personalize the text.

The Details:

In November 2019, CMS published a proposed rule, the Medicaid Fiscal Accountability Regulation (MFAR). As written in the notice of proposed rule-making: “This proposed rule would promote transparency by establishing new reporting requirements for states to provide CMS with certain information on supplemental payments to Medicaid providers, including supplemental payments approved under either Medicaid state plan or demonstration authority, and applicable upper payment limits. Additionally, the proposed rule would establish requirements to ensure that state plan amendments proposing new supplemental payments are consistent with the proper and efficient operation of the state plan and with efficiency, economy, and quality of care.”

While ANCOR obviously supports the stated goals of ensuring that Medicaid dollars are expended consistently according to federal requirements, as well as the commitment to transparency, we are deeply concerned that the rule could result in substantial reductions to Medicaid funding in some states, putting people and programs at risk. We will be submitting our own formal comments, but urge you to take action today to support Medicaid-funded disability programs and amplify the voice of the disability community.