Capitol Correspondence - 01.26.21

Big Picture: What Regulations Did the Trump Administration Eliminate Last Year?

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To help our members understand the regulatory context in which the Biden administration will operate, we share the reporting below by Forbes. For members who closely follow federal regulations, we also recommend this previous article on the SUNSET regulation and this article on recent regulatory actions by the Department of Health and Human Services.

As reported by Forbes:

“Bookending four years of its infamous one-in, two-out requirement for issuing significant new regulations, the Trump administration quietly just released its status roundup called ‘Regulatory Reform Results for Fiscal Year 2020.’

According to the administration, agencies in the 2020 fiscal year issued 145 deregulatory actions and 45 significant regulatory actions, for an out-to-in ratio of 3.2 to one.

Of those deregulatory actions, 58 were deemed ‘significant’ by agencies and the administration. Comparing significant-in to significant-out still gives a ratio of 1.3 to one.

This regulatory streamlining requirement was one of the earliest 2017 moves of the Trump administration, put in place by Executive Order 13771. A Biden administration will kill it on ‘Day One,’ as the incoming supervisors like to say.” Clicking through to the link to the article above will lead readers to the full list of 2020 rescinded regulations.