Capitol Correspondence - 03.02.21

Bipartisan Policy Center Issues Report on Medicaid Buy-in Programs

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Expanding on work it began last year, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) released a report identifying “recommendations to improve availability of [Medicaid Buy-in] programs for workers with disabilities. As part of that effort, BPC reached out to stakeholders and hosted public and private discussions with experts on the topic. Participants included current and former state and federal officials, consumers, and other experts. Based on those discussions, BPC developed recommendations to improve Medicaid Buy-in programs for working people with disabilities.

The recommendations that follow include ways to make the Medicaid Buy-in for workers with disabilities more understandable, more accessible, and more relevant as states seek to ensure pathways to successful employment outcomes for these workers. The role of strong leadership at the federal and state level is key to the success of these recommendations.”

The recommendations are for the Biden administration and Congress to:

  • Issue an executive order that clarifies and simplifies the current Medicaid Buy-in for workers with disabilities.
  • Issue regulations on Medicaid buy-in programs.
  • Develop and pass legislation.

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