Capitol Correspondence - 06.23.20

Blog: Five Starting Points on Implementing Solidarity with Black Lives Matters

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This resource by The Management Center shares five starting points for acting in line with any Black Lives Matter statements your organization might have issued. While the blog post elaborates each tip in more detail, it recommends:

  • Align on mistakes made so that you can learn from them and repair harm.
  • Start by looking at the areas that have the most significant impact on people’s lives: hiring, firing, promotions, and compensation. You could also look at the composition of your team at different levels to check for patterns.
  • Make specific, concrete, and outcome-driven plans to address inequities.
  • Look at your organizational values and your role competencies to weave in your beliefs about anti-racism, racial justice, and racial equity.
  • As non-Black leaders, many of us are living with guilt and discomfort about our complicity in white supremacy. And this can lead us to make changes to our mission, goals, or programs that might appease some stakeholders short-term but are not strategic, sustainable, or realistic long-term. […] Get clear on how advancing equity and justice connect to your overall mission, vision, and strategies (check out the chart in this article).