Capitol Correspondence - 04.08.19

Business Acumen Update: Learning Collaboratives Convene in San Diego!

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This week brought members of both the Business Acumen team and the Business Development Learning Collaboratives to Texas for the NASUAD (National Association of States United on Aging and Disability) Symposium and Spring Meeting.

The first day gave us time to hear an overview from each team on  their projects, progress and next steps.  We also heard from Katherine Cargill-Willis from the ACL (Administration on Community Living) who monitors our grant activity.  She talked about the ACL’s goals for Business Acumen and had an opportunity to hear first hand accounts of the teams’ progress.

The Business Acumen team met individually on our second day and they had a deeper conversation about their goals, what’s working and challenges they are facing as they work toward their goals. They also spent time reviewing the draft of “Step 3: Execute” and provided the grant partners invaluable feedback.  Our third day together was focused on the Business Development Learning Collaborative.  During this time we took a deeper look into the individual projects and had a chance to talk through their process and learning.  We were joined by Tom Lindquist from Allina Health in Minnesota who helped us think through moving from strategy to operations and concrete methods to maintain momentum with and for our teams.

In the upcoming week we will plot next steps for both collaboratives as we work toward the culmination of this learning project.  Both groups expressed different needs and we will be working to help them implement their plans and maintain momentum by providing additional resources, guidance and support.

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