Capitol Correspondence - 12.10.18

CMS Partners with AHIP to Form Core Quality Measures Collaborative

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ANCOR is sharing this announcement because with the increased focus on quality measures in Medicaid by the government, private sector and other stakeholders, this type of collaborative could set precedent for the I/DD space.

“A majority of Americans receive care through a value based care arrangement, one that ties payment to the quality of care. It’s important to ensure that the right quality measures are in place across all payers to deliver results that will lead to a stronger, better healthcare system and reduce clinician burden.

To achieve that goal, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) – in partnership with the National Quality Forum (NQF) – have officially formalized the Core Quality Measures Collaborative (CQMC) to improve healthcare quality for every American.

The Core Quality Measures Collaborative (CQMC) is a multi-stakeholder, voluntary effort created to promote measure alignment and harmonization across public and private payers. The collaboration aims to add focus to quality improvement efforts, reduce the reporting burden for providers, and offer consumers actionable information to help them make decisions about where to receive their care. The CQMC has developed and released core sets of quality measures that could be implemented across both commercial and government payers.

NQF will provide expertise to the CQMC on updating existing core measure sets and expanding into new clinical areas. NQF will also work collaboratively with CQMC members to develop strategies for facilitating implementation across care settings and promote measure alignment.”