Capitol Correspondence - 07.08.19

CMS Seeking Alternatives to ICF/IID Life Safety Code Implementation Delay

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ANCOR heard last week from the Congregate Care Division of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  We had been working with them on a request for a 6-month non-enforcement delay of the Life Safety Code requirements for ICF/IIDs. 

The Life Safety Code requirements were due for compliance by July 5, 2019. Right now CMS advises that all ICF/IID providers should have at least begun to show some progress towards compliance. They also shared that CMS is looking at possible ways to provide providers flexibility – no guarantees – but will follow up shortly with ANCOR on what they may be able to do. If you are contacted by your state or licensing agency about the LSC requirements, they want to know. Please contact ANCOR’s Esme Grewal ([email protected]) to let us know.

For more information on the Life Safety Code requirements:

ICF-IIDs have expanded sprinkler requirements to include habitable areas, closets, roofed porches, balconies and decks in new facilities. All attics must have a sprinkler system if they are used for living purposes, storage, or housing of fuel-fired equipment. If they are not used for these purposes, attics may have heat detection systems instead. Hazardous areas are to be separated from other parts of the building by smoke partitions. Existing ICF-IIDs must include certain fire alarm features when they choose to update their fire alarm systems.