Capitol Correspondence - 03.12.18

Community Living Ontario Issues Call for Conference Session Proposals

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According to Community Living Ontario’s announcement:

“ Community Living Ontario invites people to be a part of The Barn Raising: Coming Together to Achieve Community Goals. We look forward to connecting with friends and allies of the Community Living movement from September 12th to the 14th at the Sheraton Parkway in Richmond Hill.
We are currently accepting proposals from speakers, thought leaders and collaborators for workshops, presentations and panel discussions on how to actively and effectively engage with our communities to address unmet needs, to challenge the status quo, and to build on integrated approaches that better our communities. Areas or topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Self-determination initiatives that support and promote people taking ownership of their lives, including health and wellness, relationships, citizenship, and self-employment;
  • Families coming together around issues that promote a good life for their loved one;
  • Employment options that showcase best practices for hiring and job readiness and facilitate opportunities for career advancement beyond entry-level positions;
  • Partnerships involving youth and youth groups that inspire self-confidence, self-discovery and leadership among young people;
  • Housing options, strategies or collaborations that lead to homes of people’s own choosing;
  • Educational strategies and innovative approaches that facilitate inclusive classroom learning for all students;
  • Community participation that promotes engagement with our neighbours and the development of new relationships;
  • Use of technology and creative supports that enable people to participate actively in their community.”

To learn more and apply, click here.