Capitol Correspondence - 05.29.18

Cook’s Sample Midterm Elections Report Identifies Key Seats for 2018 Elections

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ANCOR members seeking to stay informed on the state of play of U.S. House and Senate seats will find a breakdown of “races to watch” in Charlie Cook’s sample midterm elections report, a report we recommend as it provides a helpful view of what we might expect as we near November. Among other things, the report identifies “toss up” Senate seats, compares those seats’ outcomes during the 2016 presidential election, and compares vulnerable House seats by party.

ANCOR reminds members that primary and general election voter registration deadlines are fast approaching. As supporters of One Vote, a voting resource for people with disabilities, we encourage members to visit the website to find their states’ voter registration deadlines. Please share that information with your networks and the people you support. Members will also find additional disability-oriented voting resources through the REV UP Campaign.